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Quality to us means a commitment to providing world class service to our clients. We believe that Quality has two key components: the ‘input’ and ‘output’. The input starts with our client intake process. We thoroughly ensure that we capture the clients’ perspective of events (the facts) as well as what the client wants (clients’ objectives). We reduce the clients’ objectives into measurable units. We supplement the clients’ facts with our own investigation and thoroughly research the law. We subsequently develop a clear plan of action for each case and continuously test and update our plan based on additional client input, new information and the law.


Result is simply what happens when we execute on our quality process. Result describes the ‘output’ component of quality. At AnunobiLaw, we measure result in two ways:

  1. the extent to which we realize the client’s objectives and
  2. the extent to which we followed our quality process.

While we do not and cannot guarantee a successful outcome in every engagement, we believe that following our quality process leads to a much greater prospect of a successful outcome for our clients.


We define value from our clients’ perspective. We strongly believe that the benefit the client derives from our services should be worth more than the cost of our legal service. Where the value equation does not make sense—in other words, when the cost of our legal services outstrips the value to the client, we advise the client to fire us!

We realize that the benefit to the client is not always monetary and is not the same for every client. Sometimes it is the peace of mind in knowing that the legal issue is resolved. For one client, this peace of mind may justify increased cost of legal services. In such cases, the value to the client may justify continued action. Sometimes, it is the ‘opportunity cost’ that drives a client to continue prosecuting an issue even when the value equation doesn’t appear to add up on the surface. Opportunity cost describes the activities that the client is not able to engage in because they are caught up in dealing with their particular legal issue. If the opportunity cost to the client is higher than the cost of litigation, then our value equation may not be compromised.

We know from experience that value drivers differ from client to client. We ensure through our intake process that the client has reflected on what their unique value drivers are and has adequately quantified them to ensure that they are making the right decision in engaging our services.

Value means pricing our legal services in a way that is tailored to our client’s situation. For instance, if a client only needs a subset of a particular service offering, we may unbundle that service and engage with the client on a limited scope basis. If a client needs certainty around the cost of our services, we may structure a fixed fee arrangement. In certain situations [particularly medical malpractice and personal injury), we may structure a contingency or result-based fee arrangement.

Finally, Value means being a good steward of our client’s resources by keeping a close eye on the Project Cost because the client is usually responsible for project cost and excessive project cost may adversely affect the value equation. We actively and judiciously manage the project costs that we have control over without compromising the quality of our representation.