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Structured Value Framework

The fast pace of technology and the reality of the economic downturn has forced a shift in how our clients expect to receive legal services and what they expect to pay for it. At AnunobiLaw, we use an innovative delivery model that helps our clients realize Quality legal representation that achieves Results for Value. We call this approach “Structured Value Framework”.
Structured Value Framework consists of four key phases:
Structured Planning begins when we sign up the client. We start by engaging in a comprehensive intake process that aims to identify the client’s needs and objectives.
Structured Analysis entails updating the information we receive from our client with factual and legal research as well as working with the client to update the client objectives.
Structured Design involves using the updated objectives and updated facts to develop a unique plan of action.
Value Execution entails working with the client to balance the anticipated cost of legal action, and the probability of success.
  • In addition to SVF, our investments in technology allow our clients to fully engage and  interact with us through their smart phones, tablets, or notebooks.
  • We will meet with clients at our office or any mutually agreeable location.
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