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Overview of Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property describes any creation or product of the human mind or intellect that the law recognizes and protects from unauthorized use by others, by granting certain exclusive rights to the owners of such creations or products. Intellectual Property law describes the wide body of both federal and state laws that protect these creative property […]

Parenting Class in Divorce and Child Custody Cases

To aid parents cope with the challenges of co-parenting, several family courts in Texas require parents to go through a parenting class in suits affecting parent child relationship, including divorce and child custody cases. Below are a list of approved vendors that offer parenting classes in Harris and Ft. Bend Counties. COURT-APPROVED PARENTING EDUCATION PROGRAMS […]

High Net-Worth Divorce

Am I a High Net Worth Individual? Although there is no precise definition of what constitutes a high net worth individual – HNWI, perhaps, the most commonly quoted figure is $1million in total assets. While this appears to be a lot of money, the reality is that many people who have worked for a considerable […]

Divorce Process

Divorce Process Overview “It’s like the man I once loved is dead—but his ghost is still haunting me and attacking me..I am grieving his loss and fighting his ghost at the same time. I can’t get any sort of closure” Former client describing how she felt while she was going through a divorce battle..   […]

Executive Order on Immigration

What does the Executive Order do? President Obama’s executive action on immigration has 3 key prongs. The first prong focuses on providing additional resources at the border to beef up border security. The second prong will make it easier for high skilled immigrants, graduates and entrepreneurs to remain in the United States The third prong […]