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Executive Order on Immigration

Executive Order on Immigration

What does the Executive Order do?

President Obama’s executive action on immigration has 3 key prongs.

  • The first prong focuses on providing additional resources at the border to beef up border security.
  • The second prong will make it easier for high skilled immigrants, graduates and entrepreneurs to remain in the United States
  • The third prong which is estimated to benefit over 5 million people will provide temporary stay for people that meet certain conditions. The key requirements to qualify for this relief are as follows:
    • Applicants must have resided in the United States for at least 5 years
    • Have children who are American citizens or legal residents
    • Register and pass a criminal background check and
    • Willing to pay fair share of taxes
  • The executive order will also expand DACA to include anyone who arrived in the United States before 2010.

What the Executive Order does not do:

While we are very excited about how this action will impact our Immigration clients and their families, we should point out that the executive action does not grant permanent legal status or allow beneficiaries to receive subsidies under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). The beneficiaries of this executive action will also be required to pay a penalty and will not receive priority over other people who are already being processed.

When will the Executive Order take effect?

The Executive Order will take effect on January 1, 2015 [barring any action from Congress or the courts]. It is important to note that the specific process for helping our clients register and apply under this executive action has not yet been defined by USCIS. We will post another blog on this topic as soon as USCIS provides some guidance. In the meantime, you may send us an email if you want to receive additional information from us on this program or if want us to help you with the application process once the implementation of the Executive Order kicks in.


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