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Choose a Deportation Lawyer in Houston

Deportation arises when the US government establishes that a foreigner has committed an act, which no longer makes their stay in the country as legal. As a result, the court reserves a right to take a call on their removal from the United States. Considering that staying in the US is a privilege rather than a right for non-citizens, the government may enforce their rights to deport a person back to their homeland for various reasons, such as:
  • Entering the US without the appropriate authority
  • Violating the terms of admission to the United States
  • Involvement with a prohibited organization or being convicted of a felony
Our team of deportation lawyers in Houston bears considerable experience in providing competent legal representation for individuals stranded in deportation trials. Aware of the fact that deportation proceedings can be very challenging, our accomplished deportation defense lawyers are conversant with US immigration laws and seek the best possible legal remedies for our clients. Further, our deportation lawyers are insightful in their approach and strive to draw the verdict in favor of our clients.