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Core Values

Our Core Values define us..these are the values we hold our selves to.. these are the values you should expect of us at all times.

Committed We are committed to the client, the profession of law, our firm & ourselves.

Commitment to the client means that we have to listen and understand what the client wants; that we have to make ourselves available to the client at the client’s convenience, and that we  zealously and diligently advocate for the client and perform the duties we have been entrusted to perform for the client.

Commitment to the profession means that we will carry out our duties to the client while maintaining the ethical standards required by our profession.

Commitment to our firm means that we will serve our clients and conduct ourselves in a manner that will promote the reputation of the firm.

Commitment to self means that we will balance our personal responsibilities with our professional responsibilities; that we will keep abreast of trends and changes in the law while also pursuing our personal interests so that we will continue to sharpen our skills as lawyers and as fulfilled human beings.

Refreshing We bring new thinking, innovative ideas, client’s perspective, high energy and a positive attitude into every engagement with our clients and with our colleagues.

Insightful We enrich our legal analysis with lessons and experiences from other disciplines, common sense and the law.

Professional We hold ourselves to the highest professional standard in our dealings with each other, our clients and even our adversaries.