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Construction Law

Reliable Houston Construction Attorney

Our team of Houston construction attorneys understands the importance of assuring legal counsel in construction arena and thereby provides sophisticated advice and timely, cost-effective remedies to our clients. We hold expertise in construction contracts, transactions, and litigations. Thanks to an extensive experience in the legal sector, we strive to ensure that existing construction projects do not come to a standstill due to any conceivable reason. Our clients include developers, builders, subcontractors, and other parties in the throes of construction litigations.
Regardless of the issues, be it from mechanics liens to defects and delays and from zoning issues to negotiating construction contracts, our competent construction lawyers are conversant with Houston construction laws and can thereby consult you throughout the project since inception till completion. Our accomplished attorneys work towards preserving the legal rights of their clients and assist you on various issues arising in the course of project construction.
While we advocate the policy out-of-court negotiations, mindful of time and cost involved in prolonged litigation, we believe in aggressive pursuance of the case if a settlement is not achievable, due to any reason.

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